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“Koninginnedag” (Queen’s day) in the Netherlands
April 30, 2010

On this day the citizens of the Netherlands, the Netherlands Antilles and Aruba celebrate their queen. It is also a day of national unity.

Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands


International Dance Day
April 29, 2010

All the different kinds of dance are celebrated today, from the Renaissance Dance to Tecktonic.

The best way to celebrate this day is by putting some music on and dancing 🙂

It’s a good way to forget about all the problems for a moment.

Have fun !

A belly dancer

Worker’s Memorial Day
April 28, 2010

Today we remember the billions of workers who were injured, disabled or killed because of their profession.

For more information visit the website of the International Labour Organisation.–en/index.htm

World Graphic Design Day
April 27, 2010

Today the prosfession of graphic and communication design is celebrated.

World Intellectual Property Day
April 25, 2010

This year it’s the 10th anniversary of the event created by WIPO, the World Intellectual Proprety Organization. This year the theme is ‘Innovation-Linking the World’

Check out for more information.

Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day
April 25, 2010

This event, celebrated each year on the last Sunday of april, was created to ‘promote and celebrate the art of pinhole photografy’.

Check out photos on

National Concord Day in Niger, Republic Day in The Gambia, Genocide Remembrance Day in Armenia and Democracy Day in Nepal
April 24, 2010

Today Nigerians commemorate the peace accord that ended the Tuareg Rebellion in 1995.

Also in Africa, Gambians celebrate Republic Day. On April 24 1970 their country became independant from the United Kingdom.

In Armenia, today is a national holiday to remember the Armenian Genocide between 1915 and 1923.

And in 2006, the Nepal House of Representatives (the parliament) was reinstated.

Armenian Genocide Memorial

Landscape in Nepal

International Day of the Book
April 23, 2010

Organized by UNESCO to encourage all of us to read more !!

Let's all start reading a book today 🙂

Earth Day
April 22, 2010

Today it’s the 40th anniversary of Earth Day! It was created by US senator Nelson who wanted to make people aware of environmental issues.

Grounation Day
April 21, 2010

Rastafarian Holiday. On this day in 1966, Haile Selassie, considered as an incarnation of Jah, God of Rastafari, visited Jamaica.