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World Industrial Design Day
June 29, 2010

The WIDD is organized by the International Council of Societies of Industrial Design (ICSID). As stated on its website: it’s an occasion for designers from all around the world to initiate events to reflect on this year’s topic:

“Industrial Design: Human solutions for a resilient world”.

Fore more information check out the ICSID website and the WIDD Facebook page.

The famous Panton Chair


World UFO Day
June 24, 2010

On june 24th 1947 the first unidentified flying saucer was spotted by private pilot Kenneth Arnold in Washington flying over Mt. Rainier. Since then World UFO Day has been celebrated each year to encourage people to watch the skies for unidentified flying objects.

Kenneth Arnold showing what he saw on june 24th 1947

United Nations Public Service Day
June 23, 2010

As stated on the UN Public Administration Network website, Public Service Day is a celebration with several goals:

  • celebrate the value of public service to the community
  • highlight the contribution of public service in the development process
  • recognize the work of public servants
  • encourage young people to pursue careers in the public sector.

This year’s slogan is “The Role of Public Service in Achieving the Millennium Development Goals: Challenges and Best Practices”.

Moreover awards are given to public service institutions which excelled in four different categories. The Award Ceremony takes place in Barcelona.

European Neighbours’ Day, National Multiple Birth Awareness Day, World Play Day, Don’t Fry Day
May 28, 2010

On European Neighbours’ Day we are all encouraged to invite our neighbours for a drink, a BBQ or even just a chat and have a good time. This years it’s the 10th edition of the event as it was launched in Paris in 2000. Check out the website: for tips and pictures of previous editions.

In Canada it’s the National Multiple Birth Awareness Day today. The event was established in 2005, the birth year of the Dionne quintuplets, and is organized each year to help us understand the challenges that brings a multiple-birth to the new borns and their families. Fore more info, visit

World Play Day is also celebrated each year on this date to emphasize the importance of playing in children’s (and adults’ !) lives. Children learn to talk, make friends, exercise, … through play. Take a look at the WPD website:

Playing is very important for children

And in the US the National Council for Skin Cancer Prevention organizes Don’t Fry Day to encourage us to protect our skin in the sun now that the summer is on its way. (

Mother’s Day
May 9, 2010

Mothers are celebrated in many countries all over the world, today.

International Firefighters’ Day
May 4, 2010

On this day we honor the courageous firefighters who risk their lives every day to save other people and we remember the ones who passed away in the line of duty.

For more info, check out the IFFD website:

Firefighters in action

World Press Freedom Day
May 3, 2010

This day is organized by the United Nation General Assembly to raise awareness of the importance of freedom of the press and expression.

World Graphic Design Day
April 27, 2010

Today the prosfession of graphic and communication design is celebrated.

World Intellectual Property Day
April 25, 2010

This year it’s the 10th anniversary of the event created by WIPO, the World Intellectual Proprety Organization. This year the theme is ‘Innovation-Linking the World’

Check out for more information.

Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day
April 25, 2010

This event, celebrated each year on the last Sunday of april, was created to ‘promote and celebrate the art of pinhole photografy’.

Check out photos on